16 February 2010

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa: Home made Teaser Trailer

I just wanted to have a break from my character and from maya, so I thoughed It would be agood idea to make a trailer out of a scene (which made me laugh so hard) from the movie I watched last night. Here it is:

11 February 2010

New Trailer for Toy Story 3

Today Disney and Pixar released a new trailer for Toy Story 3.
Watch the trailer here

04 February 2010

A.D. Teaser Trailer - Animation with Zombies!!

Ben Hibon (director)
Haylar Garcia (writer/creator)
Bernie Goldmann (producer)
Tarik Heitmann (producer)

"Ben: We set out to create a visual universe that distinguished itself from the classic zombie formula. Translating Haylar’s script into animation was the first step to making this project unique. Animation very rarely ventures into mature and dark territories. It’s very important to define a strong and bold look for this movie, create our own visual benchmark. A.D. has definitely its very own identity that serves the purpose of the movie; it’s stylised and graphical, but very gritty and textured just like the reality and the world the story is set in.

Haylar: Feature Film  all the way baby! Ben Hibon is like a blessing from heaven, (maybe hell in this case). His overall vision is what sets this thing apart from anything ever seen. His input was vital in shaping the world, the feeling, and even the characters on our most current rewrite. His intrinsic talent for narrative in the visual sense is literally the electricity that powers the script’s execution…. Did I just say execution?

Bernie: Whenever you want to do anything that challenges the way people think about movies things move slowly. Movie executives want to make 100 versions of the same movie. Which from their perspective makes sense. You don’t get fired for making the Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy. I completely believe that AD will be a hit movie. The zombie genre could use some reinvention. This movie will be like no other.

wanna read more?
thanks to zombieinfo.com

03 February 2010

Oscar Nominations in detail – Best Animated Short Films

Many of the smaller Oscar Film categories tend to get ignored so we’ve decided to profile all the short films that are nominated for Academy Awards in 2010. First of all we’re taking a look at the 5 films up for Best Animated Short Film, and have posted our review and the films below (or trailer if its not available) so you can watch them all.
French Roast 
This 7 minute French short film has no need for subtitles as there’s only a few words of dialogue. It’s a simple and revealing portrait of everyday habits as we follow a French customer at a cafe and his interactions as he realises he has forgotten his wallet. Wiht some great moments of comedy it’s easy to see why this one is on the Oscar shortlist. It comes from filmmaker Fabrice O. Jouberts who has worked on feature animation titles like Flushed Away, Shark Tale and Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were Rabbit and French Roast has already won the Best animation award at the ANIMA Animation Festival last year In Argentina.
Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty  (my favourite)  :p
This short by Irish filmmaker Nicky Phelan is a humorous look at how we treat the elderly, as a Grandma reads her own version of Sleeping Beauty to her granddaughter at bedtime. With a mixture of animation styles in granny’s version Sleeping Beauty was punished by her granny because Beauty’s family ignored granny as they thought she was old – it wquickly becomes clear Granny O’Grimm’s is bitter about how she is treated by her own family as an old person. This is quite funny and at only 6 minutes long its well deserved of its nomination.
The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte)

We have posted the trailer for this short 8 minute film below but you can watch the whole thing at the films offical site at . This Spanish short comes form first time filmmaker Javier Recio Gracia and tells the tale of another old lady but this one is patiently waiting for her death so she can join her husband in heaven. However when she finally does die she wakes up to find she has been saved from deaths door by a doctor.

This film won the Best Short Film at the Stockholm Film Festival last year and is a film by French collective H5 (filmmakers Francois Alaux, Herve de Crecy and Ludovic Houplain). It is a satirical and intersting look at corporate branding as its set in a world full of literally hundreds and thousands of logos, where the characters are all well known brand representations such as the Michelin man and theres even a gun-toting Ronald McDonald. Its full of violence and swearing so beware before you watch!

A Matter of Loaf and Death
The last short on the list will be known to most frontrow readers already as it is Nick Parks tale of the lovable duo Wallace and his dog, Gromit. In this tale Wallace and Gromit open a bakery but someone is out to get the bakers so they have to keep their wits about them. Its hilarious and by far my favourite on the animated short list but then I’ve loved Wallace and Gromit since early childhood. It’s probably the favourite for the Oscar as well having won a last years Bafta’s among others. We can’t post the whole film but here’s the trailer – this is also the only film that is currently available to buy.

Thanks to:   Front Row Reviews

02 February 2010


"  Film historians have long declared the year 1939 the pinnacle of Hollywood movie making. But what about the cartoons?
Cartoon buff Ted Watts is reviewing all 158 Hollywood cartoon short subjects (and one feature) produced in that banner year, 70 years ago, one at a time in release order, on a new blog called Cartoons of 1939.
Ted provides plot information, credits and lots of frame grabs. It’s a fun idea. If you want to start at the beginning, click here. "

taken from www.cartoonbrew.com