02 July 2010

Pixar's new Short: Day and Night

Hey folks, I am back after a long brake and here I've got a teaser from Pixar's latest short Day and Night!

"Directed by Teddy Newton, it combines a throwback '50s vibe with modern technology to tell a story of two figures -- one representing day and one representing night -- who learn to appreciate each other's unique offerings. The mute figures are little more than silhouettes, created in traditional, hand-drawn animation, and prone to "Looney Tunes"-like outbursts of anger and wolf-whistles. Their emotions, however, are expressed in 3-D, computer-animated scenes framed by those silhouettes.

For the character of Day, those scenes always take place during daylight hours (a beach scene, fighter jets roaring through the sky, a rainbow). For Night, they're always night scenes (fireflies, fireworks, a lighthouse). The whole thing is set to a score by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino ("Up"). 
Having trouble picturing it? You're not the only one. "Toy Story 3" director Lee Unkrich said that even after he heard Newton's pitch, he wasn't sure what was in store. "
Have a look and then right below it there's a making of!