06 February 2011

Major Mouse starts his campaign // Ad

One of my favourite ads this time

You May Now // Animated Short

A short animated piece about the wonders of stereoscopic 3D in cinemas.

Created by Daniel Keeble and Dane Winn

05 February 2011

“Hezarfen” Animated Short

Four recent graduates (Tolga Ari, Romain Blanchet, Chung-Yu Huang, Rémy Hurlinfrom) of Supinfocom Arles share their final project with us, Hezarfen.   

Hezarfen is a Turkish historical character. The story takes place in 1632 in Turkey where he attempts the first human flight. The legend goes as far as to say that he flew through the Bosphorus, to almost 3 miles away from the tower from which he started.    

The movie is much more about how he jumps from this tower. We have created the script together to get another vision of the story. We wanted to make some fresh and bright pictures and let the audience discover the beauty of this legend in our own way.

"The Pig Farmer" by Nick Cross

The Pig Farmer is a short animated cartoon by Nick Cross. A simple tale of a wayward soul, awash in an ocean of tragedy and regret.

Animated using Flash CS3 and a Cintiq 21UX tablet.
Backgrounds done in Photoshop CS4
Composited using After Effects CS5 and Final Cut Pro 5.

For more information, visit pyatyletka.blogspot.com

04 February 2011

Eatliz - Lose This Child (HD Version)

The new stop motion animation music video from art rock group Eatliz, directed by the Grammy nominated directors Yuval & Merav Nathan ("Her Morning Elegance").