29 January 2010

Mike Burton's Web Page - One Inspired Graphic Designer

Again this morning I found this web site and I was so amazed by that guys portfolio. He's one of those graphic designers that I always admired for their ability to create this very unique kind of work.

His name; Mike Burton. Please take a look at his work.

26 January 2010

Thumb on Fire

Last Morning I thought I should start "playing" with After Effects a little bit more. So I thought it would be a good idea to start experimenting on my what I know about fire effects. I made the fire with no pre-made or default effects, using fractal noise. Anyone who wants to know more about how I made it leave a comment and I'll make a small video explaining exactly what I did.
ps. Lioufters is my name in some kind of slang :P

Videogioco-Loop Experiment

Nothing to say for animations like this one. Really creative..

videogioco-loop experiment on Vimeo.

10 January 2010

The Stormy Petrel (2004) by Alexei Turkus

 "Here’s a film I hadn’t seen before, and I want thank Brew reader Michael Lanigan for bringing it to my attention. It’s a great example of current Russian animation, much of which is still unseen by the Western world. The Stormy Petrel (2004) is by Alexei Turkus (full credits here), and was produced at Russia’s leading animation studio Argus International. It satirizes the poem Song of the Stormy Petrel by Maxim Gorky and serves as a commentary on the Russian educational system. It’s nine minutes and definitely worth watching - it gets crazier and crazier as it goes on."
   Taken from Cartoon Brew

08 January 2010

Surreal CG film about architecture

The Third & The Seventh on Vimeo.

A FULL-CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view where main subjects
are already-built spaces. Sometimes in an abstract way. Sometimes surreal.


From YouTube to Hollywood!!

A film producer from Uruguay got an offer for a 30 million dollars contract from a big production company in Hollywood (Ghost House Pictures), after he uploaded an animation video on youtube.

The 5min short movie directed and animated by Fede Alvarez with the title "Ataque de Panico" (Panic Attack) shows Giant robots invading Montevideo!

You can find the music of the film in the soundrack of the movie 28 Days Later, made by Godspeed You Black Emperor