15 November 2009

A look at Sesame Street’s first CGI Muppets

"I love this and hate it at the same time.

As a 3D artist, I think it’s pretty sweet.

But as a kid who grew up with Sesame Street and the muppets, and as a storyteller-consumer in general, I kind of fucking hate it. It has none of the heft, floppiness, or lo-fi lovabality that has always been a huge part of the Jim Henson experience.

No matter how good cloth solvers, hair simulation, fur rendering and v-ray might get, it will never, ever, ever have that je ne ses quois that made everything Muppet so warm and transporting. I feel like kids today are missing out if this is where they’re getting their dose of Vitamin M. I hope to God everything has been archived.

High five to the technical directors for this one. A true feat.

Shame on everyone else."

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