04 February 2010

A.D. Teaser Trailer - Animation with Zombies!!

Ben Hibon (director)
Haylar Garcia (writer/creator)
Bernie Goldmann (producer)
Tarik Heitmann (producer)

"Ben: We set out to create a visual universe that distinguished itself from the classic zombie formula. Translating Haylar’s script into animation was the first step to making this project unique. Animation very rarely ventures into mature and dark territories. It’s very important to define a strong and bold look for this movie, create our own visual benchmark. A.D. has definitely its very own identity that serves the purpose of the movie; it’s stylised and graphical, but very gritty and textured just like the reality and the world the story is set in.

Haylar: Feature Film  all the way baby! Ben Hibon is like a blessing from heaven, (maybe hell in this case). His overall vision is what sets this thing apart from anything ever seen. His input was vital in shaping the world, the feeling, and even the characters on our most current rewrite. His intrinsic talent for narrative in the visual sense is literally the electricity that powers the script’s execution…. Did I just say execution?

Bernie: Whenever you want to do anything that challenges the way people think about movies things move slowly. Movie executives want to make 100 versions of the same movie. Which from their perspective makes sense. You don’t get fired for making the Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy. I completely believe that AD will be a hit movie. The zombie genre could use some reinvention. This movie will be like no other.

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thanks to zombieinfo.com

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