15 October 2010

Pinochio takes Jim Carrey's place and he can't tell the truth!

Export3D has just been connected to my flickr account. That's so that I can help my uni work and get some feedback from here as well (if anybody say that my tutor asked me to do it he's lying!!) Speaking about lies let me give you a hint of what I am about to do for my "Facial Modeling and Animation" class this semeser.

I selected a scene from the movie "Liar liar" where Jim Carrey tests his ability of lying with a pen! Here is the full scene:

So I am replacing the blue pen with a red one and Jim Carrey with Pinochio. That will make Pinochio trying to tell a truth! Unfortunately he will end up with a huge nose!! here is my animatic for the moment:

More details and pics in a bit. Stay tuned!!!

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