14 January 2011

Bouzouki by Night - Awful Greek Restaurant @Manchester

First of all I have never seen a restaurant / CLUB (!) again in my life. Usually it's either restaurant OR club.

I went there with my girlfriend on the 31st of December (New Year's Eve) to enjoy the Greek Hospitality (I laugh now) and some good food (laughing louder). I have to say at this point that I am Greek too!

The only good thing that all Greeks know very well how to sell is their fake friendly attitude. I would so much like to spend a nice evening there and write the best review now but they just didn't try. They told us we could have as much food as we wanted for a price per person and that we would have greek live music. Instead of all that they served us 3 plates with awful tin food and a couple of meats that smelled weird and when  we went for a smoke outside they took the plates with the reason "We thought you were done!" When we asked to order they said the kitchen was closed. So we would have to drink the bottle of whiskey we bought (which was already opened when we got it btw) with no food at all. When I told them they said "Aren't you full yet?" I didn't know to slap them or laugh at them.

The big surprise came a bit later. Right after the new year change, live music (which was a detuned guitar and a bouzouki playing along with iTunes) stopped and they turned down the lights and changed the music to really loud famous american pop songs (the point is that they were not greek) The question is why would anybody go to a greek restaurant to listen to Black Eyed Peas when Manchester is full of great clubs and pubs for that. When I asked them they said that "some customers are not Greek" !

They totally ruined New Year's Eve for us. I left the restaurant swearing that I'll write about that everywhere. Behaviour, food and hospitality were awful.

Now regarding their Unprofessional website, I would really love to share with you and comment on their "funny" website but I don't want to advertise them in ANY way. Also what's with the double card? These too images I share are from the same professional (lol) card.

 Just avoid them and you'll be fine.. This is the first time I feel so disappointed and angry.

Definitely not going there again ever and I'll make sure to spread the word to every Greek and non that I know in UK.

κι επειδή το blog είναι δικό μου και γράφω όπως γουστάρω για την "να'χαμε να λέγαμε" κωλοταβέρνα σας και για να σας το πω και στη γλώσσα σας, πιο "ελληνικά", να το καταλάβετε παλιο ζώα Αντε και γαμηθείτε.

Left Blue

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